My strengths lie in my ability to conceive and implement strategic marketing plans to identify further growth, uncover new market opportunities, initiate product and service introductions, and negotiate strategic partnerships to drive market expansion and revenue growth. Most recently, my challenge has been to expand and strengthen market presence through increasing the size of our data, integrating marketing technologies, while using my Six Sigma knowledge to drive defects from process. I have an instilled sense of entrepreneurial vision and creativity to drive forward innovative strategies to win competitive positioning and accelerated revenue growth.

    As a Marketing Executive, I have spearheaded numerous critical projects that led to rapid business development and sales growth using these specific skills:

    •Digital marketing/lead generation

    •B2B and B2C marketing
    •Marketing technology/technologies
    •New product/service development and introduction
    •Strategic planning
    •Brand and identity development and management
    •Six Sigma quality champion
    •Public relations
    •Salesforce certified
    •Five9s certified


    No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.


    NIP Group, Inc.

    Chief Marketing Officer – Present
    NIP Group is a specialized business insurance and risk management intermediary ranked among the 100 largest in the United States. Known for our entrepreneurial spirit, ability to innovate and unique depth of knowledge in key markets, our experienced employees provide a wide range of brokerage, underwriting and risk management services to numerous industries. NIP Group has more than 250 employees and is headquartered in Woodbridge, NJ.
    • Develop the strategic marketing vision for the future of the company as it relates to the brand, market positioning, lead generation and retention
    • Provide leadership necessary to ensure that the company leverages opportunities and meets or exceeds all company metrics
    • Integrated Salesforce, Pardot, and Five9s that enabled an automated solution to lead nurturing to deliver the right message, at the right time to the right audience. The result was higher conversions and growth in revenue
    • Create campaigns and programs that drive market share growth, position and differentiate company’s offerings for maximum market penetration and solidify and extend awareness and brand recognition for the company
    • Grew new business revenue for NIP Programs by 79.16%
    • Grew targeted emails from 2013 to 2014 by 52.65%
    • Strategized and developed lead scoring with the integration of Salesforce and Marketo increased warm leads from 2013: 24,896 to 2014; 216,119 by 768%
    • Launched Extensisgroup.com website with a 2.58% bounce rate and highly engaged 5.60 pages/session with high conversion rate
    • Strategized and developed level one and level two KPIs for NIP Programs

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    Greater Philadelphia  or New York Area